The Baggy Green

The pride, passion and history of Australia’s sporting icon.

By Michael Fahey and Mike Coward. Foreword by Mark Taylor
Published by The Cricket Publishing Company
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“I have the ultimate respect for the cap, and if I have any input into the next generation I will see that tradition continues.” Michael Clarke, Australian Vice-captain.

In its early days the Australian cricket cap varied from season to season, tour to tour. But as the young colony developed a unique identity and headed towards Federation at the beginning of the 20th century, the baggy green cap took shape. By the turn of the 21st century it had become a national icon – a symbol of Australian sporting excellence and a highly sought after item of memorabilia. The Baggy Green charts this evolution with reflection from over 50 past and present Test players, and inside information from the world’s leading auction houses.

The baggy green - the same yesterday, today and forever...

The baggy green cap worn by Australian Test players is an icon. It is the pride, passion and in effect the history of Australian Cricket. With the face of cricket ever-changing, the wearing of the baggy green has been for Australian players the pinnacle. As Mark Taylor says in his foreword to the book “The baggy green is revered by everyone with a connection to Australian cricket.” He goes on to say, “being awarded a baggy green is the ultimate for a cricketer in Australia and I am proud to have ensured the significance of this badge of honour is appreciated by everyone who loves the game in Australia and abroad.”

The book contains many wonderful stories of Australian player’s views on the baggy green. We read stories of how caps were swapped, lost then found, stolen and sold. Funny stories concerning ‘the cap’ as it was once known are also recalled. The proud tradition of wearing the Australian cap is looked at in detail.

The release of the The Baggy Green is in conjunction with The Bradman Museum of Cricket's ‘Centenary Exhibition’ at Bowral. Over twenty five caps are on display, from Victor Trumper’s 1899 cap to the battle-worn cap of recently retired Australian player Adam Gilchrist.

The baggy green cap has become the symbol of Australian Cricket and tightly binds together all players who have worn it. From the 14th June 2008 you can not only read about it but see a wonderful display at the Bradman Museum in Bowral.

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Quotes from The Baggy Green

  • “The baggy green cap is a powerful and timeless symbol which connects Victor Trumper to Ricky Ponting.” - Mark Taylor
  • “The baggy green is the most famous cricket cap in the world.” - Roger Knight, MCC Chief Executive
  • “The celebration of the cap is a good idea – it is something special because the game is so rich and steeped in history.” - Michael Kasprowicz
  • “The aura and historical significance of the cap gives Australian teams a psychological advantage. Other teams may be proud of their cap but don’t talk about it with the same passion.” - Alan Border
  • “The cap was always important to me but not in the way it has become today.” - Greg Chappell
  • “The cap is the tangible representation of the privilege of playing for Australia. Everything is represented by the cap. I valued it more as my career unfolded and you keep it on your head for as long as you can.” - David Boon
  • “Players recognize the sense of humility that comes with the cap and with wearing the cap.” - Len Pascoe
  • “The baggy green is of national importance.” - Ian Redpath
  • “The baggy green sums up our country. It sums up the mateship; the Anzac spirit; the refusal to take a backward step.” - Kim Hughes

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RRP $ 38.50 plus $ 9.50 delivery Australia wide 

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